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What Do Photographers Really Do

If there’s one thing that an artist has to constantly battle is everyone else’s perceptions of how we spend out time. Ask any overnight success, be it a musician, a writer, an actor or a dancer, just to name a handful of the wonderfully creative people that contribute to our collective quality of life, and they’ll tell you that it was really hard work.

It may seem glamorous to those who wish they could leave their 9-5 job behind, in pursuit of the 20 hour work day, but don’t be fooled by the bright lights. As a struggling photographer, I can’t afford the luxury of not liking to do my own bookkeeping, marketing or computer work. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the variety of tasks, the challenge in figuring out why my computer decided to hide the toolbar that I really need right now, and in meeting deadlines, but it ain’t no picnic.

Anyway, although some of you may have seen the series of postcards going around the web What They Really Do?, here is one with a unique point of view. Always good for a laugh.

What Do Photographers Really Do?