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A Dozen of My Personal Favourite Photographs From 2014

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I’m not big on New Years resolutions. I don’t believe that I should wait until one day of the year to make promises to myself, let alone anyone else. It’s by making and keeping promises that we build and maintain relationships, and promises aren’t just those that start with “I promise…”, either. Promises can be implicit as well as explicit and must be offered up on an ongoing basis, to sustain any type of relationship. Waiting for one specific day to make promises of love or friendship, strikes of insincerity, and on the heals of Family Day and Valentine’s Day, that should resonate with many of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to make a big deal of Birthdays, Anniversaries and Parents’ Days, I just think we should take every opportunity to tell those close to us, how much they matter in our lives.

I am, on the other hand, big on Lists: To Do Lists, Grocery lists, Gift Lists, Movie Wish Lists… the list goes on. I use to keep a list of Books and Authors I want to read, in a notebook. That paper list was eventually transcribed in to the computer and a few years ago, along came GoodReads a great online site where you can, not only generate a Wish List of books you want to read, but you can also add your own short critique to what you’ve read, and share it with your friends.

The really great thing about this user generated data base, is that you too can receive book recommendations from your friends and, thereby, be exposed to authors and titles, you may not have otherwise considered. The awful thing about the site, because you know there has do be a downside, is that… there just aren’t enough hours in the day to fit in as much reading as I’d like. Especially not when adding to the list, all the work related reading that I need to do, linked to Marketing, changes in my Imaging Software, evolution of my Website… and the list goes on.

There is however, one list that I’ve put off sharing, long enough. That is, A Dozen Of My Favourite Photographs from my Wanderings and Walkabouts in 2014. I’ve pulled these images for a variety of reasons. Some, like the candid Environmental Portrait of Evert Houston at Balzac in the Distillery District, was very spontaneous and obviously joyful.

Where as, The Sled Dogs, what can I say, I come by my love of Dog Sled Races naturally, from my childhood in the Laurentians of Quebec. These were held at the Annual Haliburton Highlands Dogsled Derby in Ontario and draw teams and visitors from far and wide.

A neighbourhood that is undergoing some wonderful revitalization, and that’s primarily from new pedestrian friendly businesses, not from demolitions, is the Junction.GREAT little restaurants like Cut The Cheese and local beer at the Indie Ale House.

As I wander the streets, I keep my eyes open for subjects that feed into ongoing projects, like the Benches, pull on my heart strings like yet another closed business or tickle my funny bone like the pylons. I hope you too can see yourself in these photographs and inspire you to keep your eyes open.

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This Collection of Photographs was produced in Ontario, Canada, over the course of a year.