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Chicken Delight

Marketing, especially for a One Man Band, has got to be the most difficult aspect of running a small business. It is without a doubt the most important spoke in the wheel and yet the most time consuming. In broad terms, Business Strategists suggest the following formula: Spend 60% of your time on Marketing and Sales, 30% on making or providing Products or in Service Delivery and 10% on Administration and Management. I admittedly spend too much time on Administration and Management and not near enough on the Marketing and Sales. I won’t even pretend to justify this imbalance, it just is.

So what does all of this have to do with Chicken? Well, despite my inconsistent marketing, which as you know holds true for my Blogging efforts, I do none-the-less, keep in touch with old clients and customers. My efforts recently landed a juicy catch, when a client I hadn’t worked with in a few years, and having followed my adventures in Bolivia, called to ask for an Estimate to photograph a series of prepared chicken dishes from South Asia and the Middle East.

The client’s client was Maple Leaf Foods, under the guise of MINA, a completely separate division, of Hand Slaughtered Halal Chicken. The assignment, or more accurately the challenge, was to photograph eighteen distinct dishes over three days. The website was waiting to launch and these images now accompany a collection of recipes to, naturally, promote their product. The experience was rewarding on several levels, not the least of which was sampling the dishes, after the Art Directors Okee Dokee.

I invite you to visit http://minahalal.com/en/index.html to see more of my photographs and encourage you to try out some of the wonderful recipes.

Just imagine how much more work I might have if I’d only Blog more often, even if just to share recent personal projects or assignments like this one.

Creamy B.B.Q. Chicken