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Disguising Cell Towers

Life can throw all kinds of crap at us, and less than pleasant experiences can easily jade our opinions of people and more broadly, our long term view for survival of our species. However, finding and celebrating the small wonders, like the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker in the tree, just outside my window, can make all the difference in the struggle to find meaning and balance in our lives.

Despite not having been born in Canada, I am for-all-intents-and-purposes, Canadian, through and through. I spent my early childhood in Montreal with frequent visits to the Laurentians, and to this day love snow. I become giddy with excitement as the temperature drops and at the first site of snowflakes sifting through the wood smoke, escaping from a nearby chimney.

Year after year, the awesome display of autumnal colours splashed across our rural, and sometimes, as is the case in Toronto, not so rural landscapes; can lift our spirits and fill us with an intangible light headedness. Year after year, I venture out with camera in hand to capture, for the umpteenth time, the wonder of it all. This year, the week before Thanksgiving, and accompanied by my eldest daughter, we packed the car with our camping gear, secured my canoe to the roof rack and headed north, back to Algonquin Park.

Every turn in the road, up Highway 69, brought a new oooh and ahhh and the further north we drove, the more spectacular the show. Within the park boundaries, almost as if by divine intervention, the variety of trees and shrubs were at their peak of yellows, through oranges, through reds, through okras. The icing on the cake to our weekend getaway came while paddling around the rocky point on a small lake, and unexpectedly drifting past a Bull Moose, wading through the reeds in the shallow water, along the shore. Knowing that I wouldn’t have time to pull out my camera before it turned to crash through the forest, we simply sat in silence to soak in the place, the moment and the company.

If you’ve never camped in the fall, be it in Algonquin Park or elsewhere in this neck of the woods, add it to your Bucket List. Dress warm, and as the Boy Scouts motto reminds us, Be Prepared. I also suggest you turn your Cell Phone off, but if you must, know that we’ve got you covered there too. Can you find the Cell Phone Tower in these photographs?

Here are some more disguised cell towers http://tinyurl.com/8hogv2b. Let the creative spirit loose, and anything is possible for survival of our species.