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Benches – Initial Offering

After looking through a selection of some of my favourite images, I discovered that I often point my camera at chairs: chairs in a row, stacked, different colours, looking lonely. Anyway, bouncing around ideas for a potential exhibit, I decided to keep an eye out for benches.

My initial thoughts were to use the benches to illustrate their function as a place to relax, converse and observe. Ideally I would want people in some if not all of them, but the whole issue surrounding Privacy concerns me, not only from a legal perspective but also not wanting to intrude.

Also, sure, there are lots of benches, but what’s the point, photograph every bench I see? Well, no. I want the image to have a strong graphic and artistic component. I want the photos to cause the viewer to consider the image, to imagine themselves there, to recall a friend or time in their lives. As I began, I also decided that it was important for the bench to be perhaps part of a larger scene, not necessarily a detail in the corner, but rather that the viewer might try to guess where it was taken. That of course brought up the question of including or excluding images not local to Toronto.

Anyway, here are a few examples of the benches that have caught my eye, but mosey over to my Benches V1 Photo Essay, take a guess at where these benches are, if you’re curious and can’t place them, drop me a line and if you’re feeling really inspired, share your own story about a bench, a friend or a memory that took place on a bench. I’m also open to any interesting location suggestions.