I’d Like To Introduce The Other Members Of The Band.

Before I go any further, you’ve read me describe that I’m hear as part of a two person team, and yet, I’ve failed to introduce my partner. Anouk Desorilliers is a freelance journalist for CBC-Radio Canada. I take pride in knowing that there were approximately 70 photographers that applied for one of the seven volunteer positions, which in itself is noteworthy and might be something I expand on over the next five weeks.

However, there were approximately 120 applicants for the journalist positions. Our team includes freelance photographers, writers, journalists and short-documentary film-makers as well as current and past staff from The Globe & Mail, Vancouver Province, the CBC & BBC. My point is simply to express how honoured I am to be in such amazing company.

Anouk brings a great deal of experience to the story telling half of our mission and I know that I have my work cut out for me in matching her.

How CUSO-VSO made their final decisions, only they know. However, although it wasn’t necessary for every posting, I strongly suspect that language skills played a significant roll in paring up Anouk and me. I am a native Spanish speaker and her’s is very, very good. While Anouk, is a native French speaker and mine is pretty good. We won’t be needing our French language skills, but none-the-less, I suspect that it played a roll in our paring.

I want to draw something to your attention with regard to navigating the photo galleries. You may have selected an image and seen that a larger version opens. However, you may not have noticed that it isn’t necessary to close each photograph before opening the next one. After selecting anyone of the images and viewing the larger version, hover your mouse over either side of the photo (except the first and last photos, which don’t have an arrow because the images don’t wrap) and an arrow will appear. Simply navigate using those arrows and soon you’ll stop cursing me.

Next time you hear from me I’ll bring you up to date with my first impressions of La Paz, my living accommodations, food, stuff like that. For now I’ll leave you with a vantage point view of a small part of the city with snow-capped Mount Illimani at 6,462 m in the distance.


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