So, what have you done lately? If there is one single phrase that any freelance creative individual hates to hear, that’s the one.I feel confident in   speaking on behalf of most artists and shouting back “WORKING”. It isn’t always obvious, but the wheels are always churning and sometimes the final edit makes its way to a Book, a Movie Screen, the Stage or a Gallery.

I hope to find the courage to publicly display my work often and invite you to support me in that endeavour.


inFocus 2 Exhibit @ Moniker GalleryThursday, September 19, 2013

After much stalling and encouragement by friends and family, I’ve stepped off the edge of the cliff.I applied for space in a group showing by photographers at Moniker Gallery and was accepted into inFocus 2.

What you should know about the images I exhibited: They were printed and Hand Processed on Fibre Paper by Bob Carnie at Elevator. Custom wooden Framing, Archival Mats & Museum Glass were from Antony’s


Photography By Miguel

Glimmer of Hope

Photography By Miguel

Old Wounds not so old.


Miguel Hortiguela, Toronto, Ontario, Canada