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We’ve all listened to the comic who laughs at their own jokes, and on one level it might seem kind of odd, sort of like well don’t they think they’re funny On the other hand their laughter and knowing smile, a la Seth Myers, can be quite contagious, further adding to the humour.

I don’t share my photographs often enough, but it’s not because I’m not proud of them. In fact there are occasions such as this, when I go back through images that I haven’t seen in a while, and my jaw drops, I get goose bumps and sometimes even tears well up. Some bring back fond memories, but others, and I won’t apologies if this sounds self delusional, are simply beautiful.

It’s awesome what one sees if one takes the time to raise the line of sight from the pavement below our feet or away from the obstruction immediately before us. Next time you find yourself, either in the thick of a busy city or on the edge of a seemingly quiet meadow, try standing back and listening, and I don’t mean hearing, I mean listening. Feel the world that surrounds you, all 360. Doing this may remind you of one of the those endorphin induced moments when everything from how a simple thought in your brain can instruct your index finger to bend, to questions about the vastness of the universe, and become too much to grasp, as they should.

There’s no denying that in our little Western bubble, we are bombarded, daily, with stimuli of every kind: sound, touch, taste, smell and oh ya! visual. Yet, despite this rich texture of sensations, we are too often insensitive to our surroundings. It’s a clear example of sensory overload.

When they were young, I remember reading some of the creative writing my children were instructed to produce for school, and offering this one bit of advice Don’t be in a hurry to get to the end of the story. Whether it’s writing a descriptive narrative, telling a good joke or making love, it’s all the little details in-between that keep your audience captivated. The pauses are just as important, if not more so, than the punch line.

As promised, I’ve added a Gallery of images in my Photo Essays that I’ve given the Title: Bolivia Places. These are some of my favourite Place Photos from my volunteer posting for CUSO International in the fall of 2011 that I think, illustrate what you’ll find when you look, I don’t mean see, but really look.Some of the images maybe familiar from my Blog Posts while in the field, but regardless, they are worth gathering together for a second look. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to provide any feedback: good, bad or ugly.



Street scenes in La Paz, Bolivia as Photographed by Miguel Hortiguela of Photography By Miguel, Toronto Photographer serving Toronto, GTA, Southern Ontario, with valid Canadian and E.U. passports.




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